Empowering Positive Choices

The Smashed Project is a global educational theatre programme dedicated to reducing underage alcohol consumption

About the Smashed Project

Smashed is a global education programme by Collingwood Learning, educating young people on the dangers of underage drinking. Smashed is delivering behavioural and attitudinal change around the world, engaging young people in a uniquely creative way.

How it Works

We combine a powerful and inspiring live theatre performance, interactive workshops, teaching resources, and online learning to engage young people. The learning journey is fully measured, meaning we can accurately identify our impact on behaviours, attitudes, and knowledge resulting from the programme.

Why it Works

Storytelling and theatre are universal techniques for engaging audiences. Through theatre, students relate to the characters’ lives, influences, decisions, and experience the consequences of their actions. In the workshops they question those actions and build alternative strategies for resisting peer pressure and making safer decisions.


Last year Collingwood Learning and our partners delivered Smashed at over 900 live school events, in 23 countries, on six continents, reaching over 200,000 young people.


Students Participation

For students who may or may not have experienced Smashed Live, Smashed Online is an interactive e-learning programme packed with video of the Smashed performance and interactive activities. Students can meet the characters, learn about their lives, and help them make the right decisions around alcohol.

Teachers Participation

Teachers whose schools are offered the Smashed Live theatre-in-education programme can find out more about how it all works and access the associated resources to make a real impact in school. In addition, Smashed Online, a free stand-alone e-learning resource can be utilised with key stage 3 students to enhance alcohol education all year round.

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Parents Participation

Parents of children that have experienced Smashed Live or Smashed Online can help us embed their awareness of the issues. Relationships with parents and guardians are vital to developing a young person’s understanding of the risks associated with underage drinking and a responsible attitude to alcohol when they become adults. Begin those vital conversations with our free guide.

Free Parents Guide

Meet the Characters

Find out why the Smashed Project approach continues to be is successful in delivering valuable messages to young people.

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