The Characters

Meet Scott, Michelle, and Lee. In their own ways, they are typical young people – each with different backgrounds, different aspirations. Drawn together through peer pressure, their escape from the stresses of life is to drink underage most nights.

It’s All Just a Bit of Fun, Right?

Quickly we see how their drinking impacts on their lives in different ways – their relationships with family and school, their mental and physical health, their attitudes to risk, and even brushes with the law. This all culminates at a house party when a series of bad decisions lead to a tragic accident.

The Experience

This fast paced, entertaining, and dramatic theatre piece introduces many of the central themes around underage drinking in a gripping and highly relatable way. Adaptable and flexible, Smashed engages young people whatever their country or language.


We believe the most effective forms of learning are when students get to explore topics for themselves, challenge ideas, and form their own answers to burning questions. The Smashed workshops include a range of interactive, drama-based activities that help young people in the following ways.

Embedding the Learning

For participating schools, the Smashed Project is rapidly becoming a key fixture in the timetable as part of personal, social, and health studies. Teachers can follow up by utilising our teaching resources that provide a host of additional activities and lesson plans based around the story and characters of Smashed. Dedicated guides for parents and guardians can be sent home so young people are being supported at home and school on this vital social issue.

Smashed Online

The Smashed Live experience is powerful! But for those young people and schools we can’t reach directly, Smashed Online will be launching as a 6-part e-learning course for students based on the live programme. The theatre performance is split into 6 online episodes and students watch the action and participate interactively to learn about the dangers of underage drinking. Appropriate for UK Key Stage 3 (ages 11 – 14).


Discover more about how we measure the impact that Smashed Project has on the lives of young people and how we provide evidence to our stakeholders.

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