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Smashed Live is a is a fantastic way to engage your students on underage drinking. The theatre piece is accessible, fast-paced, and highly engaging. The workshop provides a great forum for consolidating the learning outcomes and helping students identify strategies for making safe decisions around alcohol.

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Parents Guide2019-08-13T15:33:55+01:00

We believe it’s essential that parents are included in supporting young people on underage drinking. A downloadable Parents Guide is sent to every school that receives the project to forward to parents and guardians ensuring Smashed becomes a springboard for better awareness and quality conversations in the home.

Extending the Learning2019-08-13T15:36:12+01:00

Smashed Online is our e-learning version of Smashed Live. Students watch the performance in video episodes and complete a range of activities to help embed the learning and identify strategies for staying safe around alcohol underage. This is a free, stand-alone resource that can be used to enhance your alcohol education provision in school. It can also be used to recap the learning from Smashed Live and build on the impact of the event. Smashed Online is easy to use with a simple student sign up process. Access to Smashed Online will be available soon!

Target Age2019-08-13T15:25:46+01:00

In the UK, our target age range is Year 7&8 students (although this can vary internationally). Research demonstrates that this is the right time to equip young people with the knowledge, behaviours, and attitudes to make safe choices around alcohol.

The Curriculum2019-08-13T15:22:37+01:00

The session links brilliantly with many other personal, social, and health related issues at KS3. Whilst it focuses on alcohol, clear links can be made with sex and relationships education, healthy lifestyles, bullying, and drugs education to name a few. The associated teaching resources provide curricular links at Key Stage 3 based on the PSHE Association’s Recommended Programme of Study.

In School2019-08-13T15:38:54+01:00

Teachers are always impressed by the professionalism of the actors and facilitators, their ability to manage and engage the group, and the clear learning outcomes. Your event is easy to manage. All we need is a school hall or similar, students sat assembly style, and we bring all the equipment for the performance and workshop session. The live session lasts 1 hour (flexible) and can be repeated if you have a large year group. You can arrange all logistics directly with our office team using the details you’ve been given.

Teaching Resources2019-08-13T15:30:10+01:00

As a participating school, you will be sent extensive teaching resources providing many options for follow up activities. This includes a full scheme of work, delivered over five lessons, or a range of activities you could utilise on off timetable days with a range of age groups.

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