It is essential to accurately report our activities, those learners we’ve reached, and the impact of that learning. It enables us to constantly improve our work, ensures sponsors can evidence their societal commitments, and supports government stakeholders in growing and embedding efficacy for the programme to ensure its sustainability.


Our evaluation rationale is based upon the Theory of Reasoned Action, which asserts that behaviour change is derived from changes in attitude, belief, and motivation. This rationale forms the basis for the programme and sits alongside the Generic Learning Outcomes model pioneered by the Arts Council England and utilised by many organisations worldwide.

Key Areas

Before and after they have received the programme, students are measured in five key areas:


We then analyse the pre and post event data and cross reference the findings against each of the intended programme objectives. We also ask participating teachers and school staff to complete a questionnaire about their experience of the programme and about how they felt their pupils responded.


The result is that each Smashed Project we implement generates specific qualitative and quantitative data and we can demonstrate clear progression amongst the target audience in their understanding of the causes and consequences of underage drinking, strategies for staying safe from harm, and their intentions around alcohol.

Global Impact Report

Our Global Impact Report for the 2018/19 academic year is published here. It demonstrates our student reach, statistical data combined from projects around the world, and associated analysis. This report reflects the universal nature of Smashed as a learning tool, and the commitment of our many in-country partners whose passion and energy have brought alcohol education to hundreds of thousands of young people this year.

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Global Reach

Discover more about how the Smashed Project is impacting around the World.

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