Welcome to the new Smashed Project website! Smashed is a theatre-in-education programme which originated in the UK with the aim of reducing underage drinking by making powerful creative interventions in schools. The project uses theatre, interactive workshops, interactive teaching resources, and has robust evaluation methods.

This year, the Smashed Project goes international. We are launching the project in Vietnam and Taiwan, with the ambition to reach young people in over ten countries by 2017. Our goal is to warn young people of the dangers of underage drinking, equip them with the information and confidence to make the right decisions around alcohol, and to develop a responsible drinking culture which will set them up for life.

On the Smashed Project website you will find out about the project’s background and the approach we employ in schools, as well as the family of theatre based projects we are developing around the world with creative partners. As projects come online, schools and stakeholders in any country can access tour schedules, teaching resources, and relevant local information so they can engage with us. Join us and let’s break the culture of underage drinking together.

Chris Simes
Collingwood Learning