The Smashed Project will tour Taiwan from November this year! This is a result of strong partnerships between the British Council and the City Governments in Kaohsiung, Taipei, and New Taipei.

On a recent visit to Taiwan to introduce the project, the British Council were instrumental in facilitating excellent consultations with the three education authorities who were keen to contribute to the project. Theatre in Education is very advanced in Taiwan and it has been a fascinating process engaging with theatre practitioners and educationalists to shape Smashed for a Taiwanese audience.

In Taiwan, the project will reach high school students aged 16 and 17. The project will explore how underage drinking can impact on our lives, from disaffection to low level crime, and its connections to smoking, and substance misuse. It will look at causes for underage drinking and dependency, from pressure at school to relationships. It will tie in heavily with the citizenship curriculum and we hope become a key part of helping young adults explore making a positive transition to adulthood.

Our approach in Taiwan will be highly workshop based, and ThinkFeelMove, our creative partners, will be developing a highly interactive, participatory drama based experience which includes performance, improvisation and techniques developed by Augusto Boal such as Theatre of the Oppressed. These two hour workshops will take participants on a journey of exploration of how external influences affect our thinking and how we can use strategies to make the right choices around alcohol.

One further element is the goal of helping enhance teachers’ skills in delivering social education. Each of the three cities the pilot project is visiting will receive a teacher training event so participating schools can learn the techniques we are using to engage students and embed these more widely in the teaching curriculum.

Strong partnerships are a key part of making the Smashed Project a reality around the world and we welcome the British Council Taiwan, the City Governments, and Corinne and the team at ThinkFeelMove to the Smashed Project!