Learning Through Theatre

Theatre is truly a universal learning tool. Wherever in the world they are, and whatever their backgrounds, young people respond to the smashed performance in exactly the same way. They’re excited to experience theatre, gripped by the storyline, and enthusiastic to engage in the workshop activities.


Smashed is now a firm fixture in over 23 countries around the world. Collingwood have developed a network of in-country creative partners who adapt and implement the project. Together we build a set of partnerships in that country, involving sponsors, government, NGO’s and schools to ensure smooth delivery and a sustainable annual programme of activity.



Key to our success has been our ability to adapt the programme linguistically and culturally to ensure it reflects the audiences it reaches, often incorporating alcohol related themes that are particularly relevant to the locality. Every Smashed Project is rigorously evaluated meaning that we can accurately report our educational impact by project, by continent, and globally.


For Collingwood, bringing Smashed to the world has been an incredible learning journey of understanding and embracing different cultures and language, whilst navigating educational and government systems and building efficacy for the programme in that country. This has resulted in widespread acceptance of theatre as a learning tool, universal acclaim for the project itself, and a creative network with the capacity to implement on every continent.

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