What is Smashed Online?

Inspired by the touring theatre programme, Smashed Online is an e-learning version of Smashed for UK students aged 12 – 14 who cannot experience it live. The course is fully linked to the PSHE Association’s Programme of Study for the age group.

How Does It Work?

Smashed Online is a 60 – 90 minute course that uses filmed episodes from the Smashed story combined with interactive activities to improve knowledge, social awareness, and decision making skills around underage drinking.

Why Does It Work?

Just like the live programme, we want young people to learn about the dangers of alcohol in a realistic context, exploring real situations they may face as they grow up. The episodic clips allow students to witness the causes and consequences of underage drinking and develop their confidence and social awareness to make better choices in their own lives.

Watch our short explainer video to find out more!

How Do My Students Access It?

Free to access, teachers can simply share the Smashed Online link with students, who can sign up individually. No personal information or contact details are required. Simple to use, and including a guide for teachers, students can complete the episodes and save their work, returning to it at any time. A certificate can be downloaded on completion.

Click on the image to launch Smashed Online.

Global Reach

Discover more about how the Smashed Project is impacting around the World.

An International Project